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women have to do nothing to get love

Women Have To Do Nothing To Get Love!

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Divas, repeat after me: Women Have To Do Nothing To Get Love!

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Yes! That’s true!

I truly believe that as women we ALREADY have everything that a man needs…



We don’t have to DO anything to get his love!

We are born with the natural attraction force that makes men gravitate towards us …

We are the life-givers, the precious treasure boxes of sensuality, emotions, vulnerability and beauty…

We women are simply BORN being worthy of love …



In today’s world, I see SO many of us women struggling for love…

Working hard to make it happen…

Driving ourselves crazy for a man

Focusing so much on his needs .. that we forget our own…

We please men … We buy them presents …

We regard every man we date as if he were the last one for us on the planet …

We obsess with what to say and what not to say to a man … ( some amount of caution is good though when it comes to communication skills in love!)

We spend sleepless nights trying to figure him out… saying yes to his whims and fancies when all we WANT to say is NO…

Our sense of security in relationship and belief in our own worthiness diminishes ..

So what happened?

The age-old concept of igniting intense, ever-lasting romance in the heart of a man- a secret once inherently understood by all women – is today becoming a lost craft …

With the advent of feminism, the lines between romance and friendship have become blurry…

We work hard in the office- which is great!

But then we also work hard at love … which is the WRONG road to take for a woman…

And all we get as a result is “friendship” with a man while we thirst for the passionate Casablanca love …

Have we forgotten our own power?

The secret allure of mystical sirens that drove passer-by sailers crazy by their hypnotic songs…

Helen of Troy for whom 10,000 ships were launched…

Marilyn Monroe’s chutzpah and mischievous confidence in herself ..

These women were no different than us … they just KNEW and BELIEVED in their power


We just have to own back our power in love…

women have to do nothing to get love

As a woman, ALL WE NEED to do is be open, vulnerable and radiate out our shine to a man, who is willing to love us …

The rest is HIS JOB !

Because as a woman, you don’t have to DO anything to get love. To help you shine and enjoy dating, check out my Date Like A Diva video training series!

I’d love to hear from you. What has been your experience? Do you “believe” you have to work hard and sustain love in your life? Do you struggle with self-esteem and even believing that you are “worthy” of a great man’s attention and love?


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