Every now and then I receive emails from women who feel the pressure and the need to be perfect. They ask me: “Sami, how do you always keep your vibe so high and diva? How come you’re always looking so good and being happy and achieving one success after another?”

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Today, I want to uncover some other parts of my day to day life. My hope is that my vulnerability will show you that I am far from perfect, and that, in turn, you will understand that you, also, do not need to be perfect – in life or in love!

you do not need to be perfect

Beyond The Success You See…

In fact, these questions from my clients remind me of what I read from Rich Litvin, that success is visible, while failure is invisible.

This is a perception based on limited information and simply not true, and it is important to break it, lest it put pressure on others that they “need to be perfect” and miss out on the chaotic, beautiful dance this life is!

Yes, I do succeed a lot, and Sami Wunder Coaching is slated to reach 7 figures this year, with a true impact in the world: 115 recorded client engagements (woohoo!), dozens of saved marriages, hundreds of women who attracted grand love in their lives, and thousands more who are right now well on their way to love, self-confidence, self-love, and feminine empowerment.

And yes, even personally, I’m at a point in my life where I’ve never been happier.

But what many people don’t know is that I struggle and fail a lot, too.

  • My struggles are real when our toddler jumps into our bed each night and wakes up Chris and me a minimum of 5 times a night. He’s 2.5 years old, and we can’t remember the last time we slept through a whole night.
  • My struggles and tears are real when I hire the wrong team members who turn out not be a good fit for the team, or when I invest in a project that fails.
  • My struggles are real when the house cleaner is sick, the child is sick and suddenly at home, and I have a day full of client appointments‼️
  • My struggles are real when it comes to managing my team, their expectations and still being true to myself and creating a company that brings me joy first and foremost, and not one I am building out of obligation to others.

So how do I fail so much and succeed so much at the same time?

Well, I embrace and dance with imperfections and have let go of the need to be perfect.

  • First of all, I embrace the ebb and flow of life and, with training, awareness and inner work, I have reached a point where the bad stuff doesn’t shake me – and the good stuff makes me happy but doesn’t make me forget where I started…
  • I heavily rely on the power of love – in my marriage, and the one I feel with my child, my parents, my sister, to nourish me deeply and give me safety and unshakable stability!
  • I focus on what I have created, and allow myself to stay in appreciation of it daily! When something goes wrong, I stay connected with just how much has gone right and is right – and it holy-moly IS!
  • I follow my heart and take courageous, brave decisions every day, even if that means firing a team member that isn’t a good fit, or saying no to working with a client that just can’t receive! My feeling good and living authentically is my highest priority.
  • I am kind, extremely kind to myself and forgive myself often. I also forgive others often, too – they also don’t need to be perfect, just to do their best.
  • In my private, confidential and free Facebook group Wunder Divas (you can join us here!), I do my best to come and share my vulnerabilities regularly, because as a love coach for high-achieving women, it is imperative that we women understand that nobody has it all together and perfection does not exist – AND that you don’t have to be in excited, jumpy bunny energy all the time to create success and grand love!

Why YOU Also Don’t Need To Be Perfect:

You are a masterpiece and a work in progress all at the same time.

Perfection in your life experience isn’t needed for you to attract and achieve all you desire – including grand, soulmate love!

So today, release the need to be perfect – and see the difference it makes in your life!

Much love,


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